Our adventures

Riverwalk Park 9/18/22

Here are some highlights of the fun we had at Riverwalk Park in Rockledge. We would like to thank everyone who came out to this event to make it a huge success! We hope to see you again in October! 

Treats by the River 10/23/22

Here are just some of the highlights from our Halloween event! 

Peace River/Venice Beach 11/12/22

Rio de la Paz, or the “Peace River." to the Seminole Indians, who settled on its banks two centuries later, it was Tallackchopo, “The River of Long Peas,” for the wild peas that covered the river's banks. This is a fossil hunting area in Tampa that produces Florida fossils. The most commonly found species of shark in the Peace River area are lemon, bull, dusky, tiger, mako, snaggletooth, megalodon, sand tiger, sharp-nosed and snaggletooth. Individuals have also found saber tooth tiger, mastodon, rhino, and horse amongst other historic species that roamed Florida many years ago. Though the river was high from hurricanes Ian and Nicole we still had a blast! Our participants got to see the challenges of fossil hunting by watching the individuals of Educational Biofacts leap into action to find the best spots! Since the river was high we also got a bonus trip to Venice Beach for some shark teeth hunting and fun in the sun!   

Autumn in the Park 11/13/22

In fall we invite others together to give thanks to all in our life. KT-ABA would like to give thanks to everyone in the community with a fall event. There will be games and activities to enjoy at Riverwalk Park where you can enjoy a nice stroll on the board walk to the lagoon, visit Florida Fossilized Exhibitions, and make new memories with everyone there! Who knows, you might even make a new friend or two. Come join us on November 13th from 2pm-5pm at Riverwalk Park in Rockledge to take part in this fall event.